A solution to sweaty armpits

You may be getting ready for a night on the town, an important board meeting or perhaps just enjoying a day of physical activity before you are struck with the anxiety of your excessive armpit sweat affliction.

Axillary hyperhidrosis, otherwise known as sweaty armpits, is the unpleasant experience of the sweat glands producing a regular excess in sweat. Fear not, as this ailment doesn’t need to remain a permanent hindrance to your everyday life anymore.At North Western Vascular in Melbourne, our miraDry® treatment is highly recommended and rightly so. It has had success of up to 90% when dealing with excessive sweat or odour. If you have struggled with this problem, contact us today! We perform a very simple procedure at our Moonee Ponds office, that only takes up to one and a half hours to complete. We also provide free parking onsite.

A small procedure with a big impact on your life

People who suffer from an onset of excessive sweat in their armpits often times think a lot about what they may wear in a day and how many extra changes of clothes they should bring with them. They may even shower multiple times in a day to combat the odour their sweat is emitting. Social events that would have otherwise been fun become a dread and not a festivity for fear of visible signs of perspiration on your clothing. You can take your first step towards eliminating your excessively sweaty armpits. Contact Dr Bell to find out all about your symptoms and how miraDry can aid you in your relief.

How the miraDry procedure works

MiraDry sends carefully controlled electromagnetic energy to your underarm sweat glands through a handheld device. Through thermolysis, a process of heating is undertaken whereby the sweat glands in your armpit are destroyed, all the while keeping the surface of your skin cool and free from any pain. Because it destroys all the sweat glands in the underarm permanently, miraDry is considered to be a permanent solution to excessive underarm sweat altogether. The sweat glands in your armpits only make up 2% of your body’s total sweat gland count, meaning it will have no issue in regulating your body temperature normally after you have undergone the procedure. The procedure is a minor one and is non-invasive, so much so that you may even decide to return to work although taking a break from strenuous exercise over the course of the next few days after your procedure is advised. Should you struggle with any pain after the procedure, you may want to use ice packs on your underarm to remain comfortable. You may also acquire over the counter pain medications to aid in your relief.

There are other treatments such as botox or antiperspirants that you could utilise in treating excessive underarm sweating. Both are temporary and vary in their effectiveness against sweat, whereas miraDry’s solution frees you of excessive sweating and odour on a permanent basis. To find out more about our excessive sweating treatment solutions, or to make an appointment with Dr Bell, please contact us today.

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