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Every two years the International Society of Sympathectomy Surgeons comes together

They comprise of a group of clinicians predominantly surgeons, from all over the world. They come together every second year to discuss “what’s new” in the management of hyperhidrosis, facial blushing and all matters relating to Sympathectomy procedures. This year’s meeting was held in the city of Santiago, Chile, a breathtakingly beautiful city at the foot of the Andes.

Over 100 enthusiastic registrants were present to share ideas and discuss recent advances. The important role sympathectomy plays in treating hyperhidrosis and facial blushing was confirmed.

Various opinions in relation to the technique ie ablation or clipping of the ganglia, and the precise level of intervention made for excellent and fruitful discussions, yet again there was no consensus.

I found a presentation on laparoscopic lumbar sympathectomy for plantar hyperhidrosis most interesting, and a technique which is safe, effective and certainly has merit with regard to reducing hospital stay and recovery period. My colleague in Los Angeles has considerable experience and expertise in this procedure, and I intend incorporating this into my practice.

There were two interesting presentations on the surgical treatment of compensatory hyperhidrosis, undoubtedly the most feared complication of sympathectomy. What a major advance if this adverse event could be eliminated. Papers were presented on alternative treatments for hyperhidrosis. It confirmed the pre-eminent role miraDry has in managing axillary hyperhidrosis and showed how we, at North Western Vascular are at the cutting edge of hyperhidrosis management. I enjoyed the interaction with my international colleagues and learnt much from this conference.

Roger Bell

Consultant Vascular Surgeon & Hyperhidrosis Specialist

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