North Western Vascular has on-site Vascular Imaging

What Vascular Imaging Services are provided?

The accurate evaluation of vascular disorders is facilitated by non-invasive Vascular Imaging. Doppler ultrasound of arteries and veins is performed by our Senior Vascular Sonographer, and the reports it produces are checked and verified by our medical team.

Services offered on-site at Northwestern Vascular Imaging include ultrasound scans for:

  • Lower limb arteries (PVD)
  • Carotid arteries
  • Aorta/iliac
  • Lower limb venous reflux for varicose veins and venous insufficiency
  • Lower limb venous thrombosis, deep (DVT) and superficial
  • Mesenteric and renal arteries
  • Vein mapping for lower limb bypass
  • Upper limb vein mapping for vascular access
vascular imaging services

For more information about on-site Vascular Imaging Services or to book an appointment contact our experienced team.